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    Fenbendazole Paste Wormer GEL 30g/1oz


    Fenbendazole Panacur Paste Wormer GEL

    • Fenbendazole 150 mg/ml
    • gel 30g/1oz
    • 60-day money back guaranteed
    • Free worldwide shipping

    1 ml contains: fenbendazole – 150 mg


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    Fenbendazole Panacur Paste 30g/1oz

    1 ml contains:

    fenbendazole – 150 mg

    The gel is white, homogeneous.

    Pharmacological properties
    Fenbendazole belongs to the group of benzimidazoles. It destroys the microtubules of digestive cells and causes a neurotoxic effect in helminths. It adversely affects the larvae of the various stages and disrupts the integrity of the helminth egg shells, after which they are unable to develop further.

    Treatment and prevention of horses for invasive diseases caused by the following pathogens: Ascaridae, Strongylidae, Strongyloididae, Oxyurata, Trihonematidae, Dictyocaulus srp., Parafilaria multipapillosa, Onchocerca cilicalus cervicalus and cervicalus cervicalus and cervicalus cervicalus.

    Not installed.

    Storage conditions
    In a dry, dark place at a temperature of +1 to +20 ° C.

    Expiration date
    2 years.


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