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    Fenbendazole 10% Liquid Dewormer 100ml


    Fenbendazole 10% oral liquid suspension

    • Fenbendazole 100 mg/ml
    • 100ml bottles
    • 60-day money back guaranteed
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    EXP. DATE 2022+

    Contains: 1ml of liquid contains 100mg fenbendazole

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    Fenbendazole 10% Liquid Dewormer,100ml

    Description : It is a suspension from white to gray.
    Composition : 100 ml of the drug contains: fenbendazole – 10 g.
    Pharmacological properties : Fenbendazole, has a wide spectrum of anthelmintic action, is active against nematodes, trematodes and cestodes parasitizing in animals. Fenbendazole is rapidly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. The mechanism of action of fenbendazole is a metabolic disorder, inhibition of fumarate reductase activity and the synthesis of ATP parasite, which leads to the death of helminths. According to the degree of toxic effects on the body, it belongs to low-hazard substances, in the recommended doses it does not have a mutagenic, carcinogenic and locally irritating effect. It is excreted mainly with feces.

    Manufacturer: HomelabvetFenbendazole
    Application: Dehelmintization of animals during dictiocauliasis, hematosis, ostertagia, trichostrongiasis, nematodirosis, cooperiosis, esophagostomiasis, moniesiosis and fascioliasis.
    Dosage : The drug is administered once orally. Shake the vial with suspension before use.

    AnimalhelminthsDose ml. / 10kg body weight
    CattleNematodes, cestodes, trematodes2.0-3.0 ml. per 10 kg body weight (once)
    Sheep goatsNematodes, cestodes, trematodes2.2 ml per 10 kg of body weight (repeat after 24 hours)
    HorsesNematodes, cestodes1 ml per 10 kg body weight (once)
    PigsNematodes3.0 ml per 10 kg body weight (repeat after 12 hours)
    Dogs, catsNematodes, cestodes, trematodes1 ml per 10 kg body weight (once)


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